Team Bio

Vontrese Simpson, MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC, Midi Clinician

Years of trust-building: “I have been a practicing nurse for over 17 years, focusing on women's healthcare throughout my career. My journey began as a labor and delivery nurse for over a decade, before becoming a board-certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. I strive to provide personalized care by building rapport with women, understanding that active listening and trust are keys to quality care.”

Constant education: “I consider myself a lifelong learner, especially in women’s healthcare. I'm passionate about expanding my knowledge by attending conferences, educational events, and reading literature. By staying informed and sharing this information with my patients, I can provide high quality care and allow patients to make informed decisions about their health.”

Wellness amidst change: “Women want to be heard and cared for, just as we care for others. Our value as women doesn't change with time, and the quality of our lives shouldn't diminish due to menopause or other natural changes. I’m here to help women recognize their worth and guide them to enhance their quality of life to achieve everything they desire—and more!”

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