What is she experiencing?
Trouble sleeping
Hot flushes
Period problems
Painful sex
Brain fog

What you're going through is real, and we have real solutions

Hormonal change is at the root of dozens of symptoms women experience after 40. As midlife specialists, we connect the dots to guide you towards safe, effective solutions. Because so often, it's not you—it's your hormones.

What we treat

Hot flashes +
night sweats

Trouble sleeping

Painful sex, vaginal dryness + libido change

Weight + body changes

Brain fog +
memory lapses

Moodiness, anxiety + depression

Period problems

Hair + skin changes

Joint pain, bone loss + fracture risk

Breast + gynecological cancer effects

Preventative care


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Hot flashes +
night sweats

Painful sex, vaginal dryness + libido change

Period problems

Brain fog +
memory lapses

Moodiness, anxiety + depression

Weight + body changes

Trouble sleeping

Hair + skin changes

Joint pain, bone loss + fracture risk

Breast + gynecological cancer effects

Preventative care


Visits and prescriptions covered by major insurance providers

No membership fees or hidden costs. Midi bills your insurance, just like any other healthcare provider, and our Care Coordinators work hard behind the scenes to get you maximum coverage.

What every woman should know about hormone transition

Our approach

Whole-person care, science-backed solutions

Midi clinicians draw from a range of solutions, not just hormone therapy, with holistic Care Plans that incorporate lifestyle coaching, supplements, and botanical remedies. We make sure your personalized mix of treatments feels as right to you as it does to us.

Joan’s Care Plan

Sleep, Stress, Weight

Notes & Next Steps

You’re experiencing daytime hot flashes, night sweats that disrupt your sleep, and weight changes.  

Our new recommendations: timed eating and daily walks for metabolism; lavender and melatonin for insomnia; and a higher dose of your natural, bioidentical estrogen for hot flashes. We’ll check in next week to see how you’re doing!

Penelope’s Care Plan

Painful sex, low libido

Notes & Next Steps

If it hurts to be touched, it’s natural to have low desire. Let’s address your pain first, with lubricant and vaginal estrogen cream.  

We’re adding Maca to boost libido, but it’s also important to work on the health of your relationship. Date nights are a must! We’ll recommend a sex therapist if needed.

Carole’s Care Plan

Hot flashes, mood changes, family history of breast cancer

Notes & Next Steps

We know your mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and you’re worried about using hormones. We’ll treat your hot flashes and irritability with hormone-free Effexor and L-theanine.

Also try interval cardio and minimize alcohol. Both will make you feel better and lower your breast cancer risk.

Joan’s Care Plan


Increase walking to 4x/week


1 pump daily

Mānuka honey

1 tsp daily

Midi care is expert care

Our protocols are defined by our Midi medical advisors, doctors with decades of experience in women’s midlife health.

Designed by top-tier specialists

Our protocols are crafted by doctors with decades of experience in women’s midlife health, and delivered by trained and certified clinicians.

Deeply personalized

We listen to your experience and work closely with you to build a Care Plan that fits your medical history, genetics, and approach to health.

Flexible and proactive

Your body is always changing. We adjust your plan in response, fine-tuning your treatment to provide meaningful, lasting relief.

Clinical Professor, Department of Ob/Gyn and Reproductive Sciences at UCSF and midi Chief Medical advisor

cancer & survivorship

DR. stephanie mcclellan
Ob/GYN, author and Midi Co-founder

Management of menopause, female stress response

Dr. Heather HIRSCH
Clinical Program Director, Menopause & Midlife Clinic at Brigham and Women's Hospital; Instructor at Harvard Medical school

hormone health, menopause & chronic disease management

DR. sheila bouldin
professor of OB/GYN and director of the Women’s Health Division at the University of Mississippi Medical Center

hormone health, obesity & public health

Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and OB/GYN at University of Illinois Chicago

Brain health, mental health, depression, & hormonal health

professor and former medical director at national university of natural medicine

botanical medicine, & naturopathic remedies

Dr. Lauren Greenberg
board-certified plastic surgeon

Menopausal hair & skin changes, breast cancer reconstruction

Why midi

Finally—midlife healthcare
that exceeds expectations

Care for women 40+ is all we do

No more getting misdiagnosed or under-treated. The science and treatment of midlife hormonal change is our only focus.

We don’t push meds

Hormones aren’t for everyone. We offer a wealth of natural alternatives, and make sure you’re 100% comfortable with everything prescribed in your Care Plan.

Inclusive care for all women

Your health story is welcome here. Whether that includes menopausal symptoms due to cancer treatment or a family history of breast cancer, our clinicians are trained to treat and improve your symptoms.

Tania H.
My night sweats are getting worse! Can you help?
Sorry to hear that! Let’s set up
a time to talk and adjust your Care Plan. Are you available tomorrow
@ 3:30 pm EST?
Dr. Erin Conlon
How it works

A supported path
to symptom relief

What are you experiencing?

Select all of your symptoms.

Trouble sleeping
Period Problems
Brain fog
Hot flushes
Weight Changes


Help us get to know you

Complete a thorough health questionnaire so we understand your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, and genetics.

Susie wiles, np


Meet with a specialist
for a virtual visit

Join a Midi trained clinician online for an in-depth discussion to inform your customized Care Plan.


Receive treatments at your door

No more searching for supplements and scrambling for refills—your recommended medications and supplements will be sent straight to your home.

Dr. Mindy goldman
Follow-up visit

Discuss how your plan is going


Stay ahead of your symptoms

Get all the telehealth follow-ups you need to adjust your treatments, address new issues, and take preventative action.

Midi is changing the lives of real women 40+

“What Midi was able to do for me is incredible. I now have medication that’s made a big difference in my life. Just…wow.”

-E.K. , 53 years

“My clinician gave me the time I needed and had super actionable suggestions.  I’m sleeping better than I have in 20 years!”

-L.B. , 49 years

“I was tired, I’d gained weight, and I just thought this is what it looks like to be 50. Then, Midi offered up solutions I’d never known existed. My experience was fantastic!”

-L.L. , 50 years

“The Midi team was genuinely interested in my entire history, my progress, and my outcomes. I’m finally on the right track. Thank you, thank you!!”

-C.C. , 52 years

“I assumed there was nothing I could do about my tiredness, heavy periods, and intense PMS. Since Midi started me on birth control pills and vitamins, I feel like I did in my 30s.”

-R.A. , 47 years

Feeling better is not only possible—it’s essential

Because when women 40+ are at their best, the whole world thrives.

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