Team Bio

Tracy King, MSN, WHNP-BC, Midi Clinician

A career in women’s health: “For nearly two decades, I’ve served as a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, holding both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in nursing. I was initially drawn to midwifery, but found fulfillment in caring for and empowering women in clinical settings. Nursing offers the flexibility to evolve, leading me to diverse roles including patient education, mentoring nursing students, community and private practice, and administrative positions in nursing education programs.”

Nursing with heart: “When I found myself hospitalized, the compassion, support, and care offered by a particular nurse deeply touched me. It wasn’t just her professionalism; it felt like being looked after by a sister or a close family member. I approach my work every day with a sense of connection and empathy, treating each patient as if they were a part of my own family.”

A personal philosophy: “My practice revolves around three foundational elements: relationship building, continuous education, and transparency. These principles stem from my belief in our interconnectedness, which guides my perspective. I’m deeply passionate about empowering women in both personal and professional spheres, fostering encouragement and support. This mission aligns with Midi’s, which is why I’m here.”

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