Team Bio

Tammie Blair, WHNP-C, Midi Clinician

As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, Tammie has cared for patients through many transformative phases. "But the 40 to 60 range has always been the most  exciting to me because you can help these patients so much," she explains. "The therapies we can offer midlife women are more targeted and effective than some of the solutions for younger women. And those therapies are safer than ever."

Tammie’s recent work at a fertility clinic showed her the need for comprehensive care that looks at the whole woman, not just her reproductive goals. "Patients in their 40s were told they had diminished ovarian reserve, which was true,” she says. “What no one ever said was, this is perimenopause, and it comes with other symptoms we should discuss. While we focused on helping a patient build her family, there was so much more needed to help that woman—so much more to offer to help her feel her best.”

Her personal experience has further fueled her commitment. "I’m going through menopause myself right now and it’s made the shortcomings of medicine for women in midlife even more obvious to me,” she notes. "I’m excited to help Midi change this entire experience."

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