Team Bio

Sydney Hernandez, FNP, Midi Clinician

A decade ago, Sydney was a neuroscience graduate student researching sex hormones and human behavior when she had a revelation: “I was interested in my subject area, but spending all my time in a basement lab wasn’t working for me. I needed people in my life to be happy.”

She changed course and became a Family Nurse Practitioner, starting in labor and delivery and eventually working in a primary care clinic with a specialization in menopause management. 

What drew her to Midi? “I practice evidence-based medicine and was looking for a company that would do the same work with rigorous, guideline-driven care. That’s what Midi provides.”

All Midi clinicians benefit from extensive and ongoing training, and for Sydney, “the continuing education taps into the academic side of me. I love learning about cutting edge research and improvements in the treatment of menopause symptoms.” Applying that knowledge with patients satisfies her clinical side. “Follow-up visits at Midi are generally simple,” she says, “because patients tell me their symptoms have improved greatly and they’re feeling so much better. They’re just happy!”

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