Team Bio

Sierra Garrett, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, Midi Clinician

Finding her niche: “I knew very early on that my call was compassionate care. I have been practicing as a Registered Nurse for over 12 years and a Nurse Practitioner for six years. I love being an NP because I have more autonomy in educating clients, helping them become the best version of themselves.”

Digging deeper for solutions: “I specialize in integrative functional medicine, with a focus on hormones. Functional medicine really involves getting to the root cause of disease, and integrative means using a holistic treatment approach of medication, nutraceuticals, nutrition, herbals, and more. If a woman comes in with newly presenting depression, the solution likely will not be simply to put her on an antidepressant. We dig deeper into her hormones, and treat the symptoms through an integrative approach.”

Care where it’s most needed: “I chose to join Midi because we offer an easy, accessible, and affordable way for women to get help with the area of health care that we have really dropped the ball on. Across the United States and, and likely around the world, women are not getting what they need in this transition period. I am so excited to revolutionize health care for women and change lives.”

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