Team Bio

Serita Newton, MD, Midi Clinician

“Working at Midi brings together my two passions,"  says Dr. Newton. "Those are women’s care, because there is so much lacking there, and access. I spent part of my childhood in rural Alabama, and we had to drive an hour to get to a doctor. So it was always my mission to practice medicine in a way that would make services more accessible.”

Telehealth puts expert care within reach for so many more patients, and it's ideal for women in midlife, Dr. Newton says, “because it’s much less physical-exam-based and much more about listening to a patient’s story and hearing about her symptoms.”

Dr. Newton also asks patients great questions. “As a family medicine physician I know that menopause doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are other conditions that may tie into a woman's menopausal symptoms. It’s helpful for me to know the breadth of root causes that may be behind her experience.”

She often tells her patients, “The menopause process is a marathon, not a sprint, and as you’re running that long race, I’ll be there for you to help you along the path.”

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