Team Bio

Savina Yee, WHNP, Midi Clinician

Finding a focus: “In my six-year journey as a registered nurse and five years as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, I discovered my passion for empowering women. Over the past three years, entering urogynecology opened my eyes to the unique challenges women face beyond childbearing age. Specializing in gynecology and urogynecology, I found my niche—supporting women through midlife transitions through education and options.”

Family struggles, and solutions: “This journey became personal when family members, facing menopausal struggles, sought my help. Witnessing their transformation after simple explanations and tailored solutions ignited a sense of purpose for me: to give women back control over their bodies, making them feel as vibrant and empowered as they did in their twenties and thirties. Age should not dim the possibility of feeling good.”

What makes Midi different: “Before joining Midi, I was frustrated with the healthcare system's limitations and the rush of appointments. I longed for a place where quality care and patient education could thrive. Midi's focus on providing accessible, personalized care to women over 40 aligns perfectly with my career passion. In caring for women in midlife, the most satisfying aspect is shattering the stigma around aging, dispelling misinformation about hormones, and restoring women’s confidence.”

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