Team Bio

Samantha Allnutt, MSN, FNP-C, Midi Clinician

Samantha began her career in cardiac care, but soon moved on to labor and delivery. “That’s where I discovered my love of women’s health,” she says. “And as the mother of four boys, I get my girl time with my patients!”

She eventually transitioned into an OB/GYN practice to care for patients beyond the single moment of childbirth. “It’s an honor to work with women through all the chapters of their lives and walk along this journey with them.”

Samantha is especially interested in the menopause transition. “I love this niche because it’s incredibly satisfying to relieve the specific pain points of menopause. I’m actually looking forward to going through it with my friends and patients. It’s all part of sisterhood,” Samantha says. “And with services like Midi, the whole experience can be easier and more lighthearted.”

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