Team Bio

René Johnson, CRNP, NCMP

Empowerment in understanding: “I’ve been a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner for 20 years, and I am certified as a Menopause Practitioner by the Menopause Society. I worked in community health for many years, and often encountered young women who were unfamiliar with their bodies and how hormonal changes affected them. Many lacked self-confidence, so my role extended beyond addressing basic healthcare needs and focused on empowering women and helping them understand their bodies better.”Prioritizing patient voice: “I’ve often been told by my patients that they appreciate how well I listen and help them feel heard during their visits with me. I think this is very important, especially considering my own experiences as a woman in healthcare settings where I have felt dismissed. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon experience, so it has shaped my patient care approach.”It’s a collaboration: “The most rewarding part is partnering with women in their health journey, helping them understand their situation and showing them actionable steps we can take together, as a team, to improve their well-being.”

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