Team Bio

Quinn Mahoney, MSN, FNP-C, Midi Clinician

A true specialist: “I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner with eight years of experience. I began in gynecologic oncology, specializing in cancers below the waistline. There, I managed menopause symptoms alongside cancer treatment, before working in women’s urology and pelvic medicine. I have spent the past few years delving deeper into menopause care at a traditional OB/GYN practice.”

A new level of care: “I came to Midi to support women’s concerns that are so often dismissed. The training here surpassed my formal education in menopause treatment, and I’m grateful for the deep research Midi employs for women. With our evidence-based interventions, we can offer more than just surface-level solutions.”

Opening doors to honest conversations: “Patients can expect candid and open dialogue from me, welcoming as much as they would like and are willing to share. I want to know how we can make you happier, healthier, and more comfortable. I love to talk about mental health, sex and pleasure, self-care and self-confidence alongside symptoms in order to get a full picture of how to improve the patient’s well-being. From there, I am a fierce care advocate until my patient feels comfortable with their progress.”

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