Team Bio

Paige Jamison, NP, Midi Clinician

Depth of experience: “I’ve worked in nursing for 15 years—the last five in internal medicine and endocrinology, focusing on underserved areas and rural health clinics. My specialties include hormone replacement therapy, endocrinology, and aesthetics.”

Beyond quick fixes: “My passion in healthcare is helping people achieve their best physical, emotional, and mental well-being by finding root causes for ailments instead of relying on quick fixes. I support patients throughout their journey, helping them find happiness and fulfillment. I chose Midi because we share a passion for women’s health and hormone optimization.”

The most rewarding part of midlife care: “Hearing how women regain their life, energy, libido, mood, and bone density is incredibly fulfilling. We have so many care options at our disposal today that we didn’t have even 10 years ago. I love my job because it allows me to educate women about the options available and help those who are suffering.”

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