Team Bio

Olivia Afamefuna Ajaero, MD, ABIM, Midi Clinician

A global health journey: “I began my medical journey in Nigeria before transferring to Windsor University School of Medicine in St. Kitts and Nevis, where I graduated in 2011. I completed my residency in June 2018, and have practiced as an internist treating patients for the past six years. I’ve specialize in pulmonary conditions, diabetes, and general health improvement. I am certified by the American Medical Association and the American Board of Internal Medicine.”

Informed and involved: “My goal is for patients to leave our visit well-informed about their healthcare journey. I ensure my patients understand their conditions, using illustrations and diagrams to explain everything clearly. Together, we discuss options and decide on a treatment plan.”

Why she chose Midi: “It’s rewarding to be part of something exemplary, catering to a long-ignored demographic. I’m excited to educate people on health care options that may have been ignored by other providers. Caring for women is a passion of mine, especially since I come from a region where women are often treated as second-class citizens. I ensure every patient of mine receives the utmost respect and care.”

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