Team Bio


Mission-driven care: “I’ve been a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner for nearly 10 years, and before that I worked as a labor and delivery nurse for eight. Through working at a private OB/GYN office I gained experience in menopause care and hormonal treatments. Joining Midi was a natural choice, as it aligns with my passion for educating women on hormone therapy and the sense of belonging to a mission-driven team.”Comfort in vulnerability: “I have provided reproductive health care to women in some of their hardest and most vulnerable times, in situations that left them scared and confused. Menopausal care is often similar: Patients face taboo concerns and are oftentimes dismissed by the medical system. These experiences have deeply shaped my care approach, always aiming to provide a safe space and compassionate care to every patient.”Listening actively, caring holistically: “I focus on active listening, which allows me to understand and acknowledge patients’ concerns and goals. I take an integrative approach to care, offering both hormone therapy and holistic options to provide solutions that align with the individual.”

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