Team Bio

Monique Stage, MSN, FNP-BC, Midi Clinician

Passion in every role: “Right out of high school, I worked as a Nursing Assistant for five years. After nursing school, I worked as a travel nurse, gaining diverse experience across hospitals, patients, and every unit you could imagine. For the past siz years, I have worked as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in family medicine, internal medicine, and alternative functional medicine. Caring is my passion, and I look forward to caring for you too.”

A powerful conversation: “I’m passionate about finding solutions that both patients and I agree on. A patient can expect their visit with me to be thorough, ensuring I understand their concerns wholly through open communication. This way, we maintain transparency with one another.”

Care for you: “A lesson I've learned while caring for women is that you can never assume you know what's going on based on their age or life stage. Every patient is different, and it’s crucial to treat them as such. I chose Midi because they prioritize individualized care for all cases, moving away from cookie cutter solutions.”

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