Team Bio

Monica Bohac, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, Midi Clinician

Called to women’s wellness: “I graduated from nursing school in 2005 and began working in labor and delivery, driven by my passion for women’s health. It was later in my career, after over four years as a Family Nurse Practitioner, that I decided to focus on women in midlife. A pivotal moment came when a patient told me how frustrating it was that her concerns had been consistently dismissed as a part of aging. Realizing the lack of proper care for women in midlife, I became determined to make a difference.”

A safe space for your health: “As a clinician, I’m committed to fostering a comfortable, safe environment where you can openly discuss your symptoms, needs, and preferences. I’ll strive to offer education, support, and empowerment for you to make the best health decisions.”

Navigating midlife together: “One of the most rewarding parts about caring for women in midlife is the relationships that we build with patients. It is incredibly fulfilling and immensely satisfying to be able to walk alongside a woman and witness her amazing growth and transformation, supporting her as she works towards a healthier, happier life.”

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