Team Bio

Mimi Solomon, MSN, FNP-C

Eliminating health care disparities with Midi: “I have been practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner for the past 20 years, primarily in internal medicine, but caring for women was truly my first love. My career started in women’s health and now has come full circle at Midi. Our mission here aligns with my deep passion for eliminating health disparities and addressing the health concerns of vulnerable populations, including and especially Black women.”Navigating midlife, together: “In a visit with me, patients can expect honesty, shared decision-making, and access to all necessary information for informed choices about treatment.”Women’s care with precision: “I chose Midi to offer a refreshing approach beyond traditional primary care or women’s health, focusing on personalized care for women navigating life’s phases. I aim to address the unique experiences women encounter with their bodies and hormones, providing comprehensive Care Plans including pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. I prioritize holistic wellness, integrating alternative medicine to support mental and physical well-being.”

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