Team Bio

Meti Shiferaw, AOCNP, Midi Clincian

“I am an Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner (AOCNP) with over a decade of experience, primarily dedicated to women's oncology care. I specialize in understanding the distinct challenges women encounter during midlife, particularly in menopause. My extensive oncology background provides a unique insight into the often overlooked impacts of menopause on women’s lives. This has shaped my approach, emphasizing comprehensive, holistic, and empathetic care, including for cancer survivors and high-risk populations.”

The care survivors deserve: “Cancer survivors often confront menopausal challenges that are not adequately addressed, especially those thrust into early menopause due to treatments. I am excited to play a role in bridging this gap by providing survivorship care, addressing the crucial need for specialized menopause management.”

Putting care within reach: “I was inspired to join Midi due to its commitment to addressing the often overlooked and neglected area of midlife women’s health. The platform’s accessibility and the clinical dedication to providing evidence-based treatment are groundbreaking.  I had to seize the unique opportunity to deliver quality care to an historically underserved demographic.”

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