Team Bio

Melissa Garcia, FNP, Midi Clinician

A dozen years in care: “I have 12 years of experience in medicine, with the first four years as a nurse specializing in women’s health, including OB/GYN, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. For more than eight years, I have been a Family Nurse Practitioner exclusively in reproductive health, treating women from early adolescence through midlife and beyond.”

Bridging the knowledge gap: “Accompanying my stepmom to appointments throughout her breast cancer journey taught me the importance of patient education. Many providers failed to clearly explain her diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment plan to her. Each patient has different levels of understanding and health literacy, and I make it a priority to meet them where they are so they can understand their care, their bodies, and their treatment options.”

Treatment for now and later: “Our goal is to create a treatment plan that addresses both immediate and long-term needs. Using a collaborative approach, I ensure my patients receive the care they need and feel confident in improving their health and quality of life with our jointly made plan.”

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