Team Bio

Marva Durgin, FNP, Midi Clinician

Shared experience: I’ve been a nurse for 17 years now, and for the last five as a nurse practitioner I’ve focused on urology and women’s health, specializing in hormone therapy. As a woman I can relate to all the changes we go through, which makes this specialty both interesting and personal to me.

Talking about sexual health: Working in a urology clinic, I’ve seen many women with bladder conditions, sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness and pretty much everything that can happen below the belt. Doing that I've learned to establish trust and create a compassionate relationship with my patients. I get a feel for them as individuals with unique needs and cultural differences, and that helps me find the approach that will work best. 

Online advantages: Telemedicine is such a convenient way for patients to connect with care. Cutting out the waiting room and the drive, all of it, is so positive and well suited to what we do for patients at Midi. Because they're not in the cold white environment of the clinic, I find they’re much more comfortable sharing.

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