Team Bio

Marcia Jacobs, MSN, APRN, MSN-BC, Midi Clinician

Been there, felt that: “I’ve been a Nurse Practitioner for about 16 years, primarily in family practice, with a special interest in women’s health. A couple of years ago, I started experiencing perimenopause and sought advice from my primary care physician. He dismissed my concerns and provided few evidence-based treatment options. This experience motivated me to support women in midlife by offering validation and guidance. Having studied its symptoms and treatments extensively, I am now dedicated to helping as many women as possible navigate this stage of life.”

A visit preview: “My patients can expect open minded, open hearted, clear communication, and a judgment-free zone. Transparency is the best way to build trust, encourage sharing, and provide information that can improve their lives and symptoms.”

Your ally in care: “I chose Midi because our mission aligns with my goals as a nurse practitioner: providing the best possible care for women during a time when they have generarally felt unsupported and overwhelmed. I love helping women achieve their goals, feel heard, and seen. I am a lifelong learner so that I can share that knowledge with my patients.”

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