Team Bio

Lynn Coates-Leisen, MSN, FNP-C

Nursing principles in practice: “My 35 year journey in medicine has, of course, been all about helping people. It’s a privilege to be involved in people’s care and invited into their lives. I’m passionate about learning, and it’s that never ending quest to learn that allows me to provide the best care to my patients.”Advocacy driven by experience: “Growing up, my dad had a severe fear of anything related to medicine. On the other side, my mom lived with a chronic condition for years, feeling somewhat marginalized. Watching both of them cope drove me to advocate for my patients and ensure they receive the best care.”Listening with empathy: “I love listening to patients’ stories. Everybody has walked a different path. Everybody got to this point of needing help on their healthcare journey. Only through compassionate listening can we understand their goals, and make a plan to get them there.”

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