Team Bio

Lisa Arshawsky, MSN WHNP-BC RN, Midi Clinician

Finding her focus: “My journey into healthcare began as a labor and delivery nurse in 2000, where I was inspired by a remarkable midwife. Her passion led me to pursue a dual degree, specializing in midwifery and women’s health. When I entered perimenopause myself, I realized the gaps in care and sought additional training in hormone therapy. Now, I’m a nationally certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner focusing on women's midlife health, providing the support I wished I had received.”

Care for the body, mind, and spirit: “In addition to my formal education, I’ve delved into various Eastern and esoteric practices, such as yoga, Kundalini certification, and holistic health coaching. These experiences have enriched my approach to healthcare, helping me to address not only the medical but also the psychosocial, emotional, and even spiritual aspects of women’s well-being.”                                                                                                                                            

Guidance from a perimenopause veteran: “What I find most rewarding about providing this kind of care is being a guide for women navigating perimenopause, a phase often marked by confusion and frustration. Many women aren’t educated about hormone therapy and are left feeling lost, abandoned by the medical system. I was in their shoes once, and I know the emotional toll it takes. I’ve found the answers and support I needed, and now extend my hand to guide others through this transition.”

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