Team Bio

Kristen Anastasi, MSN WHNP-BC, Midi Clinician

On the journey with her patients: I have been a nurse practitioner for 26 years, and I’ve always worked in women's care. I’ve been lucky enough to see women throughout their lifespan: from adolescent gynecological care, to childbirth, right through menopause. Over time, my patients and I have aged together, sharing symptoms like menstrual problems, weight gain, insomnia, body changes, and hot flashes. Because of my patients' and my own experiences with these frustrating and emotionally taxing changes, I began to take an extra interest in the menopausal transition”

No one-size-fits-all: Each individual's needs and challenges are unique as we age, For one patient, it might be insomnia, and for another it might be vaginal dryness that makes intercourse painful. By tailoring our care to each woman, we empower them to thrive during menopause. And witnessing their improved wellbeing at follow-ups is so rewarding.

Taking care of you: By this stage, so many women have prioritized others, whether it's their children, husbands, or aging parents. Midi helps them finally get the care they deserve.

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