Team Bio

Kourtney Sims MD, FACOG, DABOM, NCMP, Midi Clinician

Constantly learning, to better serve patients: “As a certified OB/GYN, my joy lies in actively listening to patients, understanding their unique needs, and educating myself to meet those needs. While working in private practice, I encountered a growing demand for midlife guidance, prompting me to specialize in menopause management with The Menopause Society in 2013. Addressing the recurring desire for non-medical alternatives for hormonal management, I delved into diverse disciplines like gut management, functional medicine, Eastern medicine, and energy medicine. Observing weight management challenges during midlife transitions, I completed my board certification in obesity medicine in 2023.”

Partnering with Midi to expand perimenopausal care nationwide: “There is an ancient proverb that says ‘to go far, go together’. I have a goal to expand perimenopausal care nationwide, and Midi’s commitment to evidence-based, innovative, and holistic care for women aligns with my values and will make a necessary difference.”

Support for pillars of health: “Women are typically responsible for not only their own health, but the health of their families, their communities, and future generations. So it’s vital to provide expert counsel on evidence-based medicine, including traditional and holistic options, to enable them to thrive during midlife.”

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