Team Bio

Kendra Roloff, WHNP, Midi Clinician

In it together: “I’ve been a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner for 15 years, drawn to the field by my labor and delivery experience as a registered nurse. While I now specialize in menopause, my career has spanned OB/GYN clinics, operating room assistance, and pelvic health. Women’s health has my heart: I love being deeply connected to my patients, sharing the stages of womanhood.”

Empathy in every visit: "Women want to be heard and to feel cared for; they don't want to be just another appointment on the schedule. Their menopausal concerns can be difficult to discuss openly, and this often leads them to delay seeking the care they need. That’s why I'm thrilled to be part of Midi, where women can receive the attention they deserve, in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, and without unnecessary delays."

The midlife myth: “Many women come to me having been convinced that the changes they're experiencing are just a natural part of aging, and they must simply endure them. Hearing this repeatedly has driven me to ensure none of my patients feel this sense of resignation.”

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