Team Bio

Kati Forholt, FNP, Midi Clinician

Kati is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and NAMS certified menopause provider with more than two decade of experience caring for women. Her own health journey has made her an exceptionally empathetic Midi clinician: “In my early forties, I had one ovary removed due to endometriosis. Usually, the remaining ovary kicks in and produces normal levels of estrogen, but sometimes it doesn’t. That’s what happened to me.” 

Kati was thrown into early menopause, but neither she nor her medical team recognized it at first. “Severe joint pain was my primary symptom, so I was sent to be tested for lupus and other autoimmune disorders. It turned out to be simple estrogen deficiency.”

For her, hormone replacement therapy was “life changing,” but as a Midi clinician, she takes a holistic approach, tapping a range of solutions to help patients’ symptoms. “That includes optimizing sleep, nutrition, movement and mental health, and using medications and or supplements as needed.”

What excites her about Midi? “It’s the solid foundation of evidence-based practice, and the fact that we’re able to reach women in underserved areas through telemedicine.”

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