Team Bio

Katherine Schneider, WHNP-BC, CRNP, MSN, Midi Clinician

An evolving midlife focus: “My medical career began in 2008 as a nurse working in gynecological oncology, where I developed a passion for women’s health. Since 2013, I've worked as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, specializing initially in fertility. But I’ve increasingly focused on menopausal care over the past five years and I’m currently working towards certification as a menopause specialist.”

Care for vulnerable moments: “Whether I’m helping with a Pap smear or hot flashes, women’s health is such an intimate specialty. I realized firsthand the importance of compassionate care in my own infertility journey. After three years of visiting fertility specialists, it wasn’t until we found a provider who truly listened and cared that we felt supported. Being able to create that safe space for women is so gratifying.”

Part of a sea change: “Women haven’t been cared for the right way for so long. We finally have this chance to turn that corner and make a difference. It’s time that they feel heard and get the care they need and deserve.”

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