Team Bio

Katherine Ierardi, MSN, WHNP-BC, NCMP, Midi Clinician

Increasingly specialized: “I started my nursing career as a labor and delivery nurse almost 8 years ago. After graduate school, I worked as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner in the National Health Service Corps, but for the past two years, I have narrowed my focus to women’s midlife health. I chose Midi to have the time and space to really specialize in caring for this often overlooked group of women.”

Meeting needs, holistically: “I was drawn to women’s health early on due to my grandmother, a retired nurse who inspired me to make my career in healthcare. My interest in menopause was sparked by the lack of education for both providers and patients. I love that midlife care combines so many aspects of wellness, from nutrition and cardiology to sleep hygiene.”

The time for comprehensive care: “The silver lining from COVID was introducing us all to telehealth, allowing patients and clinicians enough time to engage in meaningful conversation. In Midi’s telehealth visits, the patient is able to share their story, including symptoms, concerns, and how these impact their daily life. And listening carefully, we’re able to understand the full picture, guiding us on how best to move forward with treatment.”

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