Team Bio

Katelyn O’Donnell, WHNP-BC, Midi Clinician

“A few members of my family went through reproductive cancer treatment, and the compassionate, women-driven care they received is one reason I pursued women’s health,” says Katelyn, who brings nearly a decade of experience to her work at Midi.

She began to specialize in treating the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause at an OB/GYN clinic in Houston. “The head physician there was a great mentor and very interested in hormones,” Katelyn says. “But now I’ve learned so much through Midi I feel I could go back and teach him quite a lot.”

Along with common symptoms, Katelyn specializes in weight management. “My approach is holistic—a combination of lifestyle modifications, supplements, and medication as indicated,” she says. “I also talk to patients about their preferences and their busy lives, so we can come up with a plan that’s realistic. That dialogue is so important.”

Like every Midi clinician, she’s inspired daily by her patients’ progress. “They return for follow-ups and say, ‘This is a miracle. I feel like a new person.’ Many of them have seen numerous clinicians and had no success getting treatment. It’s so satisfying to finally offer them real relief.”

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