Team Bio

Kari Rocco, FNP-C, Midi Clinician

My hormone journey: “I have been a practicing Nurse Practitioner for 19 years, and I’m at Midi because I’m excited to help people manage hormonal changes. 10 years ago, I was experiencing fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, mood swings, and gaining belly fat. I began seeing specialists, devouring information, and pursuing certifications in integrative and functional medicine. I can’t believe how much my life has changed from balancing my hormones, and I am so genuinely excited to help other women do the same.”

Joy in purpose: “I am so grateful to pursue my passion professionally. The work I do fills me with joy and purpose; it’s hard to imagine doing anything else. What drives me is the ability to truly make a difference in people’s lives, not just by prescribing medication, but by actively contributing to their well-being. By removing barriers to care at Midi, we empower busy individuals to prioritize their health and well-being.”

Together towards wellness: “My unique care approach prioritizes active listening. Collaboration is key in our shared decision-making process, and hinges on your comfort and ability to openly share your experiences.”

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