Team Bio

Jennifer Tagatz, NP, RN-C, MS, FNP, NCMP, Midi Clinician

Jen Tagatz has decades of experience as a nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health, including 20 years providing OB/GYN services for Kaiser Permanente. Certified by the North American Menopause Society, she brings an incredible depth of knowledge to her work, but her empathy is just as important in helping patients heal and thrive. Where did that come from? “My mom was an OB/GYN nurse and my father was a fertility specialist,” she says, “so we talked about women’s health at the dinner table every night. Those conversations, and my early biology classes in human sexuality, made me realize how little information we receive about what’s normal, and how to get help when we need it. I knew early on that this was where I wanted to be.”

She decided to become a nurse, she says, when she worked at a reproductive health clinic and saw that NPs did most of the patient education. “I liked that this role lets me focus on the emotional, psychological and psychosocial elements of a woman’s situation, not just her physical care. For me it’s about taking care of the person as a whole.”

Why did she join Midi? Her reasons are both professional and personal. “At Kaiser I was seeing menopausal women complaining of joint pain, poor sleep, sexual problems, hot flashes—a gamut of issues. I read everything I could get my hands on, from my textbooks to information put out by all the major guiding organizations, but the education wasn’t there, and it should be. 

“Then, as I hit my forties, I found myself going through hormone transition along with my patients, and my friends. Together, we figured out what to do. I was their partner for this part of their life, and it’s wonderful to be that resource people can go to. 

“At Midi, we’re scaling that kind of support. We’re building robust protocols and sophisticated position statements. I’m so excited to have a voice and help develop a program, leveraged by tech, that will support all women in this amazing life stage.”

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