Team Bio

Jennifer Soper, MSN, WHNP-BC, Midi Clinician

Providing what’s needed: “I’m a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with nearly seven years of experience and 25 years as a labor and delivery nurse. The turning point in my career came when I reached the age of 50 and began experiencing hot flashes. Thankfully, my primary care doctor listened to my concerns and initiated estrogen therapy, which drastically improved my quality of life. I joined Midi to provide this life changing care to women nationwide.”

Why I love midlife care: “Working with women in menopause enables me to witness transformative improvements in my patient’s lives. Treating symptoms has more than a physical impact, and can greatly enhance daily functioning, job performance, and sleep quality. Witnessing these changes reaffirms my dedication to midlife women’s health care.”

Care designed for each patient: “I’m passionate about ensuring women feel heard and treated respectfully. For too long, women have been disregarded by the medical system, their hormonal experiences dismissed. It’s crucial to me that women’s voices are valued, and we address their concerns by providing tailored support. Every woman’s journey is unique, so it’s essential to listen attentively and collaborate on personalized solutions.”

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