Team Bio

Jacqueline King, APRN, FNP-BC, Midi Clinician

Transforming women’s care through life’s stages: “I have been a Family Nurse Practitioner for 12 years, and prior to that I worked for years in labor and delivery. As I aged and practiced more, I noticed a decline in care for women post-pregnancy, particularly during perimenopause. Being there for patients, building trust and rapport, and offering support when others won’t has been incredibly fulfilling.”

Beyond treatment: “My care approach differs from some traditional providers because of my patience, active listening, organization, and unwavering positivity during visits. I am genuinely interested in building rapport, understanding the person’s story alongside addressing the immediate medical issues. Patients can expect my commitment, my joy in helping them, and my ongoing support beyond a single visit.”.

Excitement for the next chapter: “Women are resilient. We are amazing: We can go through pregnancy, give birth, and navigate postpartum… and that resilience does not stop at menopause! So many women feel defeated in midlife, feeling like their life is over and they have no option but to suffer through their symptoms. My favorite part of care is giving them a second life, that second wind under them.”

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