Team Bio

Happy Muigai, APRN, Midi Clinician

Happy has dedicated her career to empowering women through comprehensive healthcare. “I decided to focus on functional medicine because my female patients in midlife were coming to me tired, with aching joints, poor sleep, and so many other symptoms. No one was addressing their hormones,” she explains. “To bridge this gap, I did a fellowship in anti-aging medicine, which covers cardiology, metabolic health, neurology, and endocrinology, which taught me the science behind hormonal care.”

What Happy loves about her work at Midi: "I can help women so much. Mitigating symptoms enables them to work productively, maintain their relationships, and revitalize their mood, sex, and energy.”

Happy's commitment to women’s care extends to making sure patients feel supported in the medical system. "I don’t like when women feel powerless,” she emphasizes. “I come from Africa and I’ve seen what the patriarchy can do, and the demands on women: working, parenting, it never stops. I want to get them feeling the best they can, so they can be their strongest selves.”

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