Team Bio

Erica Hermiller, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, Midi Clinician

Giving women their lives back: “I’ve been a Family Nurse Practitioner for almost 10 years, starting in urology where I developed a passion for helping women with urological issues. This led me to specialize in women’s health for more than six years, focusing on hormone replacement therapy, menstruation, and menopause. I also completed a 10-month functional nutrition course, which expanded my understanding of diet’s impact on health. My passion lies in improving our care for women to help them reclaim their lives.”

Empathy-driven support: “The birth of my son profoundly influenced my career in caregiving. Despite a smooth pregnancy, complications necessitated an emergency C-section and a NICU stay. His special needs inspired my dedication to advocating for women’s health, ensuring their voices are heard and needs addressed. This motivates me to support women through pregnancy, menopause, and conditions like PCOS, providing tailored reassurance and guidance.”

Prioritizing you: “Women often serve as caregivers in their family, so prioritizing self-care positively affects everyone around them. Providing accessible healthcare through telehealth has been transformative for midlife women, allowing them to seek care conveniently. I love helping women put their care first, and understanding the impact this has on their communities.”

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