Team Bio

Emily Hong, WHNP, CNM, RPYT, Midi Clinician

Emily’s journey in women's health began as a Labor and Delivery nurse. "I loved being there for women in labor, but noticed that there was a knowledge gap for postpartum women at a vulnerable, life-altering time." Transitioning to an OB/GYN office, Emily discovered another gap in care for women in menopause. "There wasn’t enough support for women in midlife. I’m so glad to help Midi change that.”

Educating and empowering her patients are vital aspects of her practice. "We work together to individualize care just for them. That might mean exploring both the non-hormonal and hormonal treatments available, and finding the right fit for each patient to make her feel good in her body."

Emily emphasizes the importance of making midlife women feel cared for and safe during their Midi visits. "I want them to feel like they’re talking to a friend, but also an expert with the knowledge to help," she says. Her experience as a certified health coach (as well as a Certified Nurse Midwife) enables her to take a holistic approach to care. “I ask about patients’ diet, exercise, sleep, stress, libido—and of course their emotional wellbeing, because our psyche has such a strong influence on health during this life transition.”

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