Team Bio

Donna Gregory, DNP, FNP-BC, WHNP-BC, Midi Clinician

“My entire life I’ve been drawn to how the body works, but the first time I saw a birth in nursing school that was it,” says Donna. “I was hooked. I knew I wanted to be in women’s health.”

Now, with 17 years of experience caring for women, she’s passing along the knowledge she’s gained as a professor in Nurse Practitioner and doctoral programs. “When you teach, you realize how overlooked women’s midlife health is,” she says. “I had to go out on my own to research the topic, doing literature searches and every kind of continuing education I could.”

The additional ongoing training she receives at Midi has only deepened her knowledge: “Midi University presented so much amazing data and the discussions of complex cases are incredibly thoughtful.”

As she supports her patients and guides them toward solutions that help them feel better, she reminds them to “honor how cool and fascinating your body is and respect the journey that brought you here.”

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