Team Bio

Cheri Barzottini, RN, MSN, FNP-C, Midi Clinician

Cheri Barzottini has devoted herself to women’s health throughout her career, with 20 years of experience at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, the last 10 as Nurse Practitioner Lead for Ob/Gyn. One of the many things that excites her about the Midi model? Getting enough time with patients. “Modern health care can feel like a hamster wheel, with just 15 minutes to see a patient, not nearly enough time to devote to listening. When I heard that Midi allows clinicians far more time with each patient, I realized how different this would be. I have time to get a picture of her whole life, not just a quick snapshot. I can really hear her, and allow her to be involved in shaping her Care Plan.”

Cheri is particularly invested in women’s needs at midlife. “I want to help them recognize that no part of their life should end just because their period ends. Their sex life shouldn’t end. Quality sleep shouldn’t end. Feeling good shouldn’t end, because there are treatment options out there for all of this. It’s a new chapter, and I want them to approach it positively.”

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