Team Bio

Celia Hearren, MSN, WHNP-BC, CRNP, Midi Clinician

A path to women’s health: “I became a nurse in 2007 and initially worked in various areas, including behavioral health and medical-surgical. I eventually focused on women’s health because I enjoyed teaching and supporting women. I pursued my Nurse Practitioner degree in women’s health, and since 2015, I have worked in breast health, supporting breast cancer patients, as well as general OB/GYN.”

Listening and validation: “I still remember hearing a patient say, Nobody else has ever believed me. It’s so important to tell women they’re not crazy for feeling like they’re sweating all day or can’t sleep. These issues stem from hormonal changes and can be managed, but many patients don’t receive the care they need during menopause.”

Your full picture: “During our visit, I want each patient to share their story. Everyone’s experience with menopausal symptoms is unique. As a clinician, I have to understand the patient’s medical history and symptoms, but also their lifestyle, what affects them the most, and their health goals. This approach will help us, together, craft a treatment plan that can end years of suffering.”

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