Team Bio

Carla Hirashima, CFNP, Midi Clinician

Carla began her medical career as a forensic nurse, working with victims of sexual assault, before becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner with a focus on women's midlife health. “While working at an OB/GYN clinic with an older patient panel, I gained a lot of experience caring for women during menopause,” she reflects. “Because my schooling did not focus on menopause, I made it my job to educate myself.”

Embracing a holistic approach to patient care, Carla addresses menopause symptoms alongside other factors. “With my background as an Family Nurse Practitioner, I see patients in the context of their whole health picture,” she says. “I’m able to take a more comprehensive approach, thinking about not just menopause symptoms, but also other factors that could be contributing to the challenges they face.”

Carla’s dedication to her work is fueled by an awareness of inequities in medicine. “Women’s health is undervalued and understudied, so I want to be an advocate for anyone with a woman's body who is going through this universal experience.”

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