Team Bio

Caren Pfieffer, WHNP, Midi Clinician

A daughter’s support: “My journey in medicine began with my mother’s diagnosis with breast cancer when I was a teenager. My mom is deaf, and I used American Sign Language to help her understand the medical terminology of her care plan. This sparked an interest in me—I wanted to know more about healthcare.”

Her path to Midi: “In 2013, I became a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. Through my experience, I’ve helped women with mental health, weight management, and navigating the complexities of disease processes. I chose to join Midi because I love seeing the impact of helping women adjust to the next stage of life during menopause, feeling their best.”

What attentive care looks like: “Menopause is a fascinating biological and psychological transformation. As a healthcare provider and advocate, I want to provide support every step of the way. When a woman regains her sense of self, I know I’ve made a difference.”

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