Team Bio

Bobbi Holder, WHNP-BC, Midi Clinician

Offering choices: “I started my nursing career in public health in 1996, focusing on family planning and breast and cervical care. Working with patients to understand their bodies at different life stages intensified my passion for women’s healthcare. In 2001, I became a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. Back then, hormone replacement therapy was scarcely ever prescribed. We’ve learned so much since then. Joining Midi, I aim to educate women about their diverse healthcare options.”

Time to listen: “I joined Midi to prioritize my patients, dedicating meaningful time to listen without the pressure of rushing. Working in traditional care, time with patients became increasingly brief, impacting the quality of care. At Midi, I value the opportunity to truly listen and to provide the best care.”

Finding your treatment path: “Navigating menopause is difficult, even as a practitioner. Given my sister’s history of breast cancer, I had to weigh the risks and benefits of HRT. In my journey, I leaned on colleagues to help me compile research and guide my decision making. I want to be that support and guide for my patients. If estrogen is not an option, there are other treatments available that we can explore together.”

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