Team Bio

Ashley Warner, WHNP, Midi Clinician

Ashley’s career in nursing began nearly 15 years ago, and she has spent the last seven years focused solely on female health as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. 

Her mother’s experience with breast cancer triggered her interest in menopause. “I watched my mom struggle with her diagnosis and also having to abruptly stop taking hormones. It was a lot on her. I spent time researching options during this transition, trying to help her find relief.”

Ashley is now well-versed in supplements and other non-hormonal approaches to care. Prior to joining Midi, she also gained expertise at a vulvar specialty clinic: “Women in midlife and beyond were coming in with vaginal dryness, pain with sex, and vulvar skin issues. So many of them say they’ve been dealing with this for years, and, ‘It is what it is.’ I say, ‘Wait a second—we can help with all that.’”

Her main message to patients: “Feel comfortable and ask questions! Bring up any topic, because whatever’s bothering you, there’s almost always a solution”

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