Team Bio

Angela Orcholski, WHNP/ARNP, Midi Clincian

Angela started her nursing career in labor and delivery, and has spent nearly 20 years caring for women, gaining experience in hormonal treatment along the way. “I feel blessed and lucky that as a woman, I get to care for women,” she says. “We share an incredible connection and kinship.”

Throughout her career, Angela has emphasized the importance of “individualized, holistic, and comforting” care. “I want my patients to feel heard, and I’ve always tailored treatment to their unique needs. You can’t check boxes to care for someone completely and well—you have to go outside the box sometimes.” 

Angela is excited to offer her patients two things: validation and relief. “So many women just give up because they get tired of talking. As I went through Midi University [our in-depth training program] I kept thinking, yes! Finally a good understanding of safe treatment for menopause symptoms.”

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