Team Bio

Ana Mejia, MSN, CNM WHNP-BC IBCLC, Midi Clinician

Ana began her career caring for women as a midwife before transitioning to midlife care. “Menopause is a normal physiological process, just like having babies,” she says. “There is so much we as clinicians, and you as a patient, can do to prepare for it and feel better as you go through it.”

As a certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner,  Ana has a deep understanding of traditional approaches to treatment, but also uses integrative solutions. “It’s not just about pharmacology. There are many alternative options that I explore with patients, from acupuncture to herbs.”

What excites her most about joining Midi? “First, working virtually. It  allows me to see many more women and defeats the geographical barriers that in-person care presents. Second, I’m amazed at the lack of care for menopause. Women rock, yet some drop out at the peak of their careers because of symptoms. I want to support them so they can continue to make an impact.”

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