Team Bio

Amy Medeiros, MSN, FNP-BC, Midi Clinician

Purpose from personal experience: “I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with nine years of experience in women’s health. While going through menopause, I saw numerous providers, including a rheumatologist and urgent care for a pulsating heartbeat. Many attributed my issues to stress. Eventually, I consulted a certified menopause specialist, armed with books, but was only offered birth control pills, leaving me deflated after waiting three months for the appointment. This experience has driven my commitment to ongoing education and supporting women in midlife.”

Care through the ages: “I’m passionate about addressing the unique needs of women across their lifespan. I enjoy meeting women where they are, providing education, and supporting them to improve their well-being. My focus on helping people feel better led me to Midi, where I work alongside those who are similarly dedicated to empowering women through midlife and helping them become the best version of themselves.”

Adapting to individual needs: “Guidelines are just that—guidelines. And just because something worked for one person doesn't mean it will work the same for someone else. Everyone is unique, and care must be individualized.”

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