April 24, 2024

Midi Health Accelerates Mission, Closing $60M Series B Round Led by Emerson Collective

Midi Health was created to fill the critical gap in care for millions of women dealing with the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, and other health challenges they commonly face over age 35. Our mission from day one has been to ensure access to personalized care, delivered by experts in women’s midlife health, and covered by insurance. 

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A group shot of the Midi team and investors

Midi is healthcare made for midlife. Our goal is to make sure every woman feels seen, heard, and understood. Above all, we strive to help her feel better. We’re passionately focused on improving the symptoms of hormonal change during perimenopause and menopause, along with other aspects of female midlife health, because the current system too often leaves women misdiagnosed and undertreated. At Midi, we’re changing that. 

Our $60 million Series B round, led by Emerson Collective, marks an enormous leap forward for Midi. Additional investors include GV (Google Ventures), who led Midi’s previous funding round, along with Memorial Hermann, SemperVirens, Felicis, Icon Ventures, Black Angel Group, Gingerbread Capital, Able Partners, G9 and Operator Collective. They join a syndicate of primarily female-led investors including F7, Steel Sky Ventures, Muse Capital, 1843 Capital, Anne Wojcicki, Susan Wojcicki, and K50 Ventures. All share our mission and bring valuable experience supporting leaders in technology and digital health.

Midi’s North Star

We believe every woman deserves access to expert care to help her navigate midlife and beyond, regardless of geography or financial circumstances. As a female founded and led company, we set out to solve a problem we had encountered personally and understood firsthand: the struggle to find easily accessible, expert treatment for the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, covered by insurance.  

While we started Midi with a specific focus on menopause, we have learned that the health concerns of women after age 35 are much more extensive. Women are well served when they are pregnant, want to become pregnant, or wish to avoid pregnancy, but multiple other needs go neglected. We are more than our fertility; we deserve care for our whole health. Midlife women are a massively underserved healthcare market, so Midi is rapidly expanding to meet a full range of needs.

A woman on a video chat with her Midi Clinician

Our Progress

Midi Health was founded in 2021 as a pioneer in the emerging menopause care space, and is now the fastest growing virtual clinic focused on treating women navigating midlife hormonal change. In just the past three years, we have: 

  • Cared for tens of thousands of patients, 91% of whom report overall symptom improvement within 2 months of their first Midi visit
  • Expanded our insurance-covered care to all 50 U.S. states
  • Partnered with Fortune 100 employers who now offer Midi as a workplace benefit 
  • Launched partnerships with major healthcare systems such as Memorial Hermann and LifePoint Health, and benefits platforms such as Progyny and Cleo  

We’re humbled and honored every day to hear the stories of Midi patients who are living healthier, more productive lives after finding us:

“I’m still in perimenopause, so I didn’t realize how crummy I felt until I worked with Midi. But now, after starting HRT, my joint pain is gone. My mood swings are gone. I’m not irritable. My hair stopped falling out. I can run again. I feel like superwoman!”  

- Megan, MA, 54, Midi Patient

“The anxiety, depression, the night sweats and brain fog—all of those things really hit me with a vengeance as soon as I finished chemo for breast cancer.  Midi has really helped me with medications and natural alternatives, and more than anything, Midi gave me hope. It was really relieving to have somebody hear me and come up with solutions.” 

- Katy, TX, 41, Midi patient

“Menopause symptoms had a profound effect on my day to day life. I've struggled with anxiety and depression, hot flashes, low libido, painful sex. I’m now managing all my symptoms with HRT and I feel so much better. And thankfully my Midi clinician ordered a DEXA scan for me and I discovered I have osteoporosis. No other physician had ever thought to order that test. Now, I’m taking care of my bone health, too.”
– Gina, CA, 49, Midi patient

What’s Next?

With this new funding, Midi will invest aggressively to reach and serve even more women. Specifically, our plans include: 

  • Expanding insurance coverage to additional major plans in all 50 states 
  • Hiring an additional 150 clinicians by the end of 2024 
  • Diversifying service lines to meet a broad range of care needs 
  • Scaling our platform and staffing to care for 1 million+ women per year by 2029 

As we embark on this next chapter of growth, we feel deeply grateful for the support of our patients, partners, investors, and the entire Midi team.

Joanna Strober 

CEO & Co-Founder, Midi Health 

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Our vision

Revolutionize healthcare for women at midlife—to relieve their symptoms and support their wellbeing—wherever they live and whatever their health story.

Our mission
Build the best technology to radically expand access and optimize care
Provide an exceptional, personalized patient experience that delivers better outcomes more efficiently
Cultivate a new generation of female midlife specialists
our values
With curiosity, to learn and make informed decisions, quickly
Alacrity & Tenacity
We take up challenges eagerly, with good will, and keep going even when it’s hard.
We acknowledge that we don’t know what we don’t know. We admit when we’re wrong, to our patients and to one another, and strive to do better.
Inclusion, Access & Collaboration
We are dedicated to expanding access to care, serving a diverse population with a diverse team, and working together across divides inside and outside our company to solve hard problems.
Ingenuity & Creativity
We take a scrappy, experimental approach to innovation. If we can’t find what we, our patients, and our clinicians need to thrive, we build it.

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