Team Bio

Susan Crisp, CNM, FNP-c, Midi Clinician

“When I had my first baby I was so amazed by the process,” says Susan. “That’s when I fell in love with women’s health.” So she has focused on caring for women through her entire 26 years in nursing, and is thrilled to be at Midi meeting patients’ needs in midlife. 

“So many women don’t understand what happens to their bodies during menopause. I’ll frequently talk to my patients about issues like painful sex, brain fog, and sleeplessness, and find they are simply not connecting the dots and recognizing the role of hormones in all these symptoms. Because vaginal atrophy is something our mamas never talked about!”

Susan’s first visits with new patients are often about educating them, “calming them and settling their fears.” Then come the solutions. “There’s treatment out there and it can be life changing, so I make sure they understand all their options.”

She’s also happy to share her personal experience: “I find myself going through the same stage of life as my patients now. It enables me to relate to what they’re going through.”

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