Team Bio

Megan Bendinelli, MSN APRN FNP-C, Midi clinician

Moving beyond fertility: “I began as a labor and delivery nurse, supporting women through some of the most challenging, vulnerable, and special moments of their lives. That led me to reproductive endocrinology, specializing in IVF for five years. But throughout my 15 years as a Nurse Practitioner, I’ve observed the gaps in women’s midlife care. Midi’s holistic and supportive approach drew me in, reflecting my own belief in centering the patient.”

Compassion, rooted in personal experience: “My own experience of immune deficiency and infertility, including multiple miscarriages, shaped the way I treat patients. I understand the importance of active listening in fostering empathetic interactions throughout the midlife journey. I’m thrilled to meet my patients where they are, providing the support that I wish I’d had."

Your midlife guide: “For women in midlife or menopause, know you’re not alone. Life and intimacy continue, and symptoms can be addressed. I focus on education, assuring support, treatment options, and a personalized plan to enhance wellness and take preventive steps.”

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